VIDEO: "Dreamcatcher's Last Ride"

We knew it had weak bones. The cylinders were vulnerable. The spark plugs were fragile. But the show must go on. After our show at Rockwood Music Hall on October 5, we took the long road home back to Nashville.  Through the stunning mountains of Virginia and east Tennessee, we all had a feeling that this might be Dreamcatcher's last run with us, but nobody said anything, and we just enjoyed our last trip together.  We pulled into the rehearsal space with a sputtering engine and a weary last breath.  We parked Dreamcatcher and said goodbye.  161,342 miles, over 30 states, 223 shows, a lot of coffee and long nights. And a lot of fun. Adios Dreamcatcher, Spirit of the Horse Wind. This video is for you.

LYRIC VIDEO for "Everybody Needs A Sign" (shot on October 6 on I-81, leaving New York City NY, bound for Nashville TN)