BLOG: Into the Great Wide Open

Traveling with a touring band is an experience like no other. Sometimes lonely, sometimes frustrating, but always new and always good. On the road the entire world shrinks down to the size of a 15 passenger van and yet we're seeing and going places we otherwise wouldn't dream of seeing. After about day 3 away from home, the outside world starts to melt away and it's all about the gig. Wake up. Drive. Load the gear in. PLAY MUSIC. Load the gear out. Sleep. Wake get it. 

Every now and then, usually about once or twice a tour, like hitting a reset button, the monotony breaks. Usually it happens on stage. It's song that came across just how we meant it to when we wrote it. Somebody singing along to the words of one of our songs. Sometimes it's hearing somebody's story. 

Life gets more complicated...Forever seems farther and farther away...and the more complicated things get, the more I am floored by the simple things. This morning I stood on the Coast of Maine with my brothers looking out at the forever of the Atlantic Ocean. And life was good.