BLOG: Full Circle

I can remember the first time music impacted me profoundly. I was riding in the car with my Dad. Understand this though, I was 10 years old and riding in the passenger seat of the coolest car. It was a sky blue 1976 Datsun 280-z. Look it up. It's a cool car, but let's just say that because it was then the early nineties, I was more proud of it than my Dad was. I just thought it was cool that he could drive a stick shift. Another on the long list of impossible things I believed he could do.

I don't remember where we were driving from but we were almost home. He popped in a cassette tape and said something like, "Listen close. THIS is songwriting." The song was called "My Father's Gun".  It was written by Tom Douglas. Tom and my Dad are close friends so when I heard his familiar voice singing the words that he had written, music became very real to me. Music wasn't something that came pre-packaged and recorded, music was from people. 

We used to go over for dinner at the Douglas's now and then and I remember walking up the stairs to get to their upstairs duplex and before you could get in the door, you would have to squeeze by the casio keyboard on the landing at the top of the stairs. On top of the keyboard was a cassette recorder. That's how he made the tapes. Nothing fancy at all. Just the power of a song. And we wore those tapes out. 

Truck's Dad and Tom were in a band together in the 80's and Truck used to travel with them. He used to sleep side-stage in a guitar case while they played their shows, and then the three of them would load into a Chevy Chevette hatchback and drive to the next gig. 

What I'm trying to say is, we really look up to this guy.

This past week, Mockingbird Sun shared the stage with Tom at a writer's round sponsored by NSAI's Tin Pan South. It was Amazing to sit on the stage as peers, sharing music and hearing Tom play the songs that made me believe a career as a songwriter was possible. My Mom and Dad were in the front row.

L to R- Scott Roley, Truck, Charlie, Brett, Tom Douglas

L to R- Scott Roley, Truck, Charlie, Brett, Tom Douglas