The stage is where our songs, both the realized & unfinished stories, live & breathe. When we pick up our guitars & sing together, we remember again where we've been & where we're going. So we get in the van. And drive. And play. And sing. As much as oil changes & hotel reservations & white lights are a fabric of us, none of it happens without the songs.  Writing & recording music is like laying concrete: fundamental, artistic, basic, vital.  We never stop writing. And when we feel like we have the songs to tell the next chapter of the story, we record them. 

So we went back home for a month this summer to make music. We got in the van, bought 3 big ass coffees at Starbucks, and took the Natchez Trace out to Franklin, TN.  Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy" was peaking through E350 speakers when we pulled up to a place called Mole End.  Built in 1994 by Truck's dad's best friend Michael Card, the studio was quiet & dusty & lonely when we walked in.  Michael, also a songwriter/artist, gave us the keys & asked us to light a fuse there & bring noise back to the hush.  We unloaded our guitars & amps, a bag of peanut M&Ms & a few pairs of headphones, then made a pot of coffee & started talking about the songs & what we heard. 

When it's time to record an album, the songs will make themselves be heard.  We're just ready to listen. It's already fun & we haven't even sung a note yet.  HERE WE GO.