BLOG: #HeyMary

It's been a long time coming. Too long. We're finally releasing some new music. It starts tomorrow with "Hey Mary". We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

I've delayed posting this blog because I have kept waiting for some profound revelation about what I need to say to inspire the few readers here to go and buy the song and/or tell a friend about it. It's been so long since we released anything that I can't help but feel the pressure of expectation. Truth is, I don't know what to expect. I just hope y'all like it. I hope you listen to it. I hope it makes your day better. 

The song will be available at 12:01 AM on Friday. Go get a copy.

It will be for sale in most of the places you can buy music online like iTunes, but if you are so inclined we would prefer that you buy it from our website. I am not going to rant here or make a stand against "the man", but iTunes tends to take a pretty substantial portion of the money that you give for themselves. If you download the song from our website we will get most of that dollar which will go towards recording and releasing new music to you guys!  Also the file that you download will be much higher quality from our website. a .wav as opposed to a .mp3. 

Regardless of how you choose to download; enjoy. I have never used a semicolon before and I am not sure if I just did it correctly. We will be releasing more music soon!