STUDIO UPDATE: The Wild Blue Woods

we're city boys. we were born there, we grew up there & we will spend our days there. but there's something about crossing city limits, just past the white noise of the pavement, out into the heavy peace of the country. we're recording our album in a tin roof cabin in the woods for a reason. our music breathes different out here. our voices find a different chord out here. our songs stretch out & lean in. 


the back porch at Mole End is the spot. we go back there to talk about nothing, listen to the bugs, walk away from a song that's kicking our ass, drink a Tecate, smoke a cigarette, turn our ears off & put our feet up. tonight is a porch night. we're in the deep end of recording our vocals; it's the bread & butter and the steepest hill to climb because they gotta be RIGHT. we'll sing it until it is. Meanwhile, there's a mini-fridge, some white string lights & a Citronella candle the size of a truck tire on the back porch. That's where we are right now.