#THISISREALLIFE // the songs that influenced us & lead to the making of our debut album "This Is Real Life"



“Most People” – Dawes

These guys write some of the most kick ass songs around.

“Every Little Kiss” – Bruce Hornsby

Nostalgia City on this one, a great driving song. 

"I Ain’t Ever Satisfied" – Steve Earle 

Steve exudes rebellion. He’s really a tragic figure who just wants to find out how to love a woman. One our most influential artists. Musically, it drives, a big chorus with ‘woahs’ and one repeated line; pure & simple. And it has ‘longing’, something we like to write about.

“Burning” – Nightbox 

We had a day off in South Padre Island, found this song and it stayed in repeat for two days.

“Lawyers, Guns and Money” – Warren Zevon 

Can’t get away from how groovy and smart this song is. Warren Zevon was able to be funny and profound at the same time.

“‘Til I Hear It From You” – Gin Blossoms 

We love bands that roll & jangle. These layered vocals work together so well. The whole song is just so melodic. It feels good. A story about a girl that helps the guy move towards redemption; he needs her. We relate.

“If I Could Change Your Mind” – Haim

Their album was one of the best of last year, and this track in particular is amazing.

“Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac 

This song is like a time machine for me. It’s such a twisted kind of love song. Stevie Nicks is haunting and Mick Fleetwood’s groove feels like the back seat of a Cadillac. I taught myself to sing harmony to this song. 

“You Can Call me Al” – Paul Simon 

I used to ask my mom to put this song on after she picked me up from kindergarten. Paul Simon’s delivery is so bold and then so neurotic sounding at the same time. I hope pop music can get back to being this smart at some point…..Roly poly little bat-faced girl…..haha

“Wild Ones” – FloRida 

Oh ya, party time. Don’t think too hard about this…

“Wild & Young” – Amercan Bang 

Jaren Johnston, who wrote this tune, produced our last record. we’re big fans of what he does. this song is just fun, crazyhearted & unapologetic, while feeling vintage. and loud.

“Love To Get Used” - Matt Pond 

Absolutely love the way this song feels. It’s just so cool. Even the guitar riff sounds like it doesn’t really give a shit.

“Take It Easy” – The Eagles 

Our favorite band. 3 guys singing together. Nothing feels more ‘Mockingbird Sun’ to us than this band and this song.

“The City” – The 1975 

This band is wild. Young & kinda couldn’t care less about what they say or do. And the drums are massive.

“I’m Alive” – Jackson Browne 

When this album came out in the 90’s, my dad had it on repeat in his Datsun. The whole record is full of great memories for me. Ironically, I’m pretty sure Jackson Browne wrote it about his divorce from Daryl Hannah. Music turns pain into beauty.